iThenticate offers the ultimate in content verification technology, whether ensuring content integrity, discouraging misappropriation of propriety content, or performing textual comparison between documents.

Utilizing patented, award-winning technology, iThenticate allows users to compare content to comprehensive repositories that include :

  • The Internet: both current and archived (more than eight years of coverage)
  • Web pages and Web documents
  • InfoTrac OneFile: with over 10,000 titles (more than 25 years of coverage), including newspapers, magazines, journals, electronic books and newswires
  • Emerald Journals: with over 190 titles in the fields of management, information science and engineering
  • ABC-CLIO: a database of electronic books and reference materials focused on history and social studies resources
  • SAGE Reference: featuring more that 60 subject-specific reference encyclopedia titles
  • CrossRef Member Content: scholarly journal articles from prominent publishers in the scientific, technical and medical research community.

Currently 50+ million documents are checked for plagiarism and compared to the following database items :

  • 49,000,000

    Scholarly articles, books, and conferences proceedings from 115,000 scientific, technical, and medical journals

  • 105,000,000

    Published works from journals, periodicals, magazines, encyclopedias, and abstracts

  • 60,000,000,000

    Current and archived web pages

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